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Maurice’s Mews-Wishing you a safe and Happy Holiday Season

 Big Bay Animal Hospital wishes you a safe holiday season: The holiday season is fast approaching.  We have lots of things to do to get ready.  The tree has gone … Read More »

Maurice’s Mews- A spoonful of sugar doesn’t help the medication go down when it comes to your pets…

You have come home from a visit to the vets with medication for your pets.  The veterinarian has prescribed this medication to help get your pet on a quick road … Read More »

Maurice’s Mews–Hazards of the Holidays-What every Barrie pet owner should know

It is the Holiday Season in Barrie, ON and what better way to show your pet you care by avoiding hazards to their health.  So I wanted to bring you this … Read More »

Halloween Haunts in Barrie can be hazardous for your pets.

  HALLOWEEN DANGERS TO BE AWARE OF: Halloween is a fun time for kids and many adults, but can be a frightening and stressful time for your pets. As a … Read More »