Maurice’s Mews–Summer Safety for Your Pets in Barrie, ON

With the increasing temperatures, summer is well on the way.  We wanted to share with you some summer safety tips. Summer Celebrations: As many of you know, the pops and crackles of fireworks can really stress out your pets.  To help relax you dog or cat, exercise them beforehand, keep them indoors, close the windows [...]

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Maurice’s Mews–Spring has arrived in Barrie, ON and so have the bugs!

Spring is here in Barrie, Ontario and with the warmer weather comes fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and intestinal parasites. So along with the good that spring brings, we also need to think about protecting our pets from certain springtime visitors. Fleas, mosquitoes and ticks live by sucking blood from mammals.  Dogs contract intestinal parasites when they [...]

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Maurice’s Mews–A Safe Happy Halloween for you and your Pets in Barrie, ON

Maurice is all ready for a safe Halloween, are you? Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults but not always for your pets.  Big Bay Animal Hospital wants to help you and your furry friends have a spoo-tacular time this season. Several sweet treats are not great for our Barrie pets.  Here's a list of some [...]

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Maurice’s Mews

Bones, Muscles and Joints Keep your pet moving and grooving this spring in Barrie, Ontario Schedule their yearly checkup today! Musculoskeletal diseases (conditions that involve bones, muscles and joints) can affect pets of all ages. They can have aches and pains like we do. But sometimes these diseases are hard to spot. Think about your [...]

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