Maurice’s Mews–What am I supposed to feed my pet?

Did you know your pet's nutritional needs change throughout a lifetime? Schedule your pet's yearly checkup today to make sure what you're feeding your pet still provides best nutrition…for best health! Gluten free. Mature adult formula. Holistic. Grain-free. No by-products. Active formula. All Natural. Farm Fresh. Huh? The words on pet food labels can be [...]

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Maurice’s Mews–It’s Tick Time in Barrie

TICKS are an ever increasing common type of arachnid external parasite. They are more and more in the news, and their territory is spreading. Their favorite natural habitats include: edges of grassy fields, low-lying underbrush, and urban areas, especially where deer are present. They are endemic in certain areas of Ontario, so if you are [...]

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Maurice’s Mews–Wellness Testing for the life of your pets in Barrie, ON

What is Wellness Testing? Wellness testing involves a visit to Big Bay Animal Hospital, where we take a blood sample from your pet.  Wellness testing is recommended for every pet, be it young, adult or geriatric. Many of the medical technologies that help humans live longer, healthier lives are now available to your pet.  The [...]

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