Maurice’s Mews–Hazards of the Holidays-What every Barrie pet owner should know

It is the Holiday Season in Barrie, ON and what better way to show your pet you care by avoiding hazards to their health.  So I wanted to bring you this list of important items to be aware of. The 12 Hazards of the Holidays: Ethylene Glycol:  Also known as Antifreeze.  This common toxin can cause [...]

Maurices October Mews- A Barrie vet clinic celebrates Farley Month

What's New in October? Farley Foundation Month October is Farley month, so Big Bay Animal Hospital is celebrating and fundraising.    The Farley Foundation is a wonderful foundation that assists with funds for veterinary services to elderly or disabled pet owners who can't otherwise afford treatment.  It is based on donations from generous pet owners and [...]

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Choosing an Exotic Pet for Your Child

While cats and dogs are the more traditional pet choice for homes with children, exotics can also make excellent companions for little ones.  Not all exotics are good for children, however, so it’s important to do your homework and determine which type of creature would be the right fit for your family before making the [...]

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