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Spring is just around the corner, but the bugs are out in Barrie…

Spring is almost here in Barrie, Ontario and with the warmer weather comes fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and intestinal parasites. So along with the good that spring brings, we also need to think about protecting our pets from certain springtime visitors. Fleas, mosquitoes and ticks live by sucking blood from mammals.  Dogs contract intestinal parasites when [...]

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Maurice’s Mews- A spoonful of sugar doesn’t help the medication go down when it comes to your pets…

You have come home from a visit to the vets with medication for your pets.  The veterinarian has prescribed this medication to help get your pet on a quick road to recovery, but they can sometimes be trying for pet owners to give.  The key to successful treatment is to give your pets the full [...]

Maurice’s Mews–Breakthrough weight loss has arrived in Barrie, ON

Big Bay Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the new Metabolic Diet by Hill's(makers of Science Diet) for dogs and cats. Just like the human epidemic, almost 50 % of our pets are overweight! The new METABOLIC diet breakthrough has arrived.  This new diet is clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss in only [...]

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Maurice’s Mews- Holiday Season Hours for Big Bay Animal Hospital

Seasons Greetings Everyone We will be celebrating the holidays soon and I wanted to bring you our Holiday Hours: Big Bay Animal Hospital will be: Open Saturday December 22nd  8:30am- 1:00pm Closed for Christmas from Sunday December 23rd to Wednesday December 26th, Open Thursday December 27th 8:00am- 7:00pm, Friday December 28th 8:00am- 6:00pm & Saturday December [...]

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Maurice’s Mews–Hazards of the Holidays-What every Barrie pet owner should know

It is the Holiday Season in Barrie, ON and what better way to show your pet you care by avoiding hazards to their health.  So I wanted to bring you this list of important items to be aware of. The 12 Hazards of the Holidays: Ethylene Glycol:  Also known as Antifreeze.  This common toxin can cause [...]

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