Holiday Hazards to Keep in Mind This Season

//Holiday Hazards to Keep in Mind This Season
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Holiday Hazards to Keep in Mind This Season

As we gear up for the holidays, it is important to keep in mind, many fun & festive items can create problems for our furry family members.  Here is a list of a few holiday hazards to be aware of this season.



Truly be aware of the dangers of chocolate.  Chocolate toxicity remains one of the most common poisonings seen at Veterinary hospitals over the holidays.  Keep your dog out of the kitchen when baking with chocolate and be aware that no amount of wrapping paper and tape will prevent your dog from sniffing out and eating a gifted box of these yummy treats.  the higher the cocoa content, the worse and more potent the chocolate toxicity effects are.

If your dog does eat chocolate, call our clinic, the Huronia Vet Emergency clinic, or a pet poison hotline.  If they are already anxious, panting, or having seizures skip the phone call and bring them immediately to the clinic for veterinary attention.

Wrapped gifts

Ribbon and shiny bows make beautifully wrapped presents, but they are very attractive to curious kitties.  these are a foreign body waiting to happen for cats who like to play with wrappings.  Just like you would with a baby in the house–pet-proof the holidays and avoid an emergency trip to the veterinarian.

Flower bulbs

The amaryllis flower is a favorite this time of year, but the bulb can cause vomiting and diarrhea in both dogs and cats.  Keep this flower out of reach or your pets.

Ethylene glycol

Antifreeze may spill when you fill your car and even a few licks can give your pets a debilitating, expensive and potentially fatal case of acute kidney failure.  Properly store all antifreeze containers, promptly clean up all spills and leaks, and consider using a safer propylene glycol based alternative instead.


Commonly thought to be “the” toxin of the holiday–this plant rarely causes more than gastric upset.  Having said that, it is still best to keep these ornamental plants out of reach to avoid any vomiting or diarrhea in your pet.


If you pet-proof your holidays you are still in for a wonderful festive time with family, friends and your furry companions.


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