Maurice’s Mews–Travelling this summer? Taking your pet?

//Maurice’s Mews–Travelling this summer? Taking your pet?

Maurice’s Mews–Travelling this summer? Taking your pet?

Summer brings on the warm weather and kids out of school. It is also a busy travel and holiday time. Wherever you may roan, if you are taking your pets with you, there are things to consider.

1) Never ever leave your pet unattended in a parked car. It is sad that this still happens, but even with the windows down the inside of the car heats up quickly. It is warmer in your car than it is outside and your pet could suffer from heat exhaustion. Your pet does not have the ability to sweat like we do, so they will pant, get dehydrated and suffer heat stroke. So please, leave your pet at home if you are taking short trips to the store or elsewhere where you can’t bring your pet.

2. When taking longer car rides, take frequent rest stops. You both will need to stretch your legs and take a bathroom break. If travelling with a cat, provide a carrier big enough to hold a litter box. We don’t recommend letting your cat out of the car without a leash on either. In unfamiliar settings your cat may get spooked and take off, and your holiday will be ruined.

3. Offer water regularly. Water should be cool, so you could always freeze ahead of your trip and offer it as it thaws.

4. Definitely use a leash and make sure your pet is secure before you open the back door. Pets have been known to bolt when the door gets opened. Pets should also always travel in the back seat, and even though it looks like fun-don’t let your dog put it’s head out the window. This could cause eye problems for your pet if any debris flew in as the wind is whipping by.

Enjoy your summer and travel safe.

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