New Year’s Resolutions to help your pet Live Longer

//New Year’s Resolutions to help your pet Live Longer
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New Year’s Resolutions to help your pet Live Longer

Resolutions aren’t just for people.  With the start of a New Year, dogs and cats can have their owners commit to a new pet food and exercise program for them.  Here are some other helpful New Year’s resolutions to help your pets live longer.


Make a date with your Vet

Yearly examinations are the most important step in the health care for your pet.  Many medical conditions are easier to manage if detected early.  The veterinarian visit is the perfect time to ask questions, update your pets’ food or get some advice on behaviour issues that might be starting.  Make an appointment to get your pet examined soon.


Measure your pet’s food–every time

We often overfeed our pets due to mis-measuring.  We eyeball our pets food, or use a food scoop and not know how much food they are getting.  The best recommendation we could give would be to use a proper 8 oz measuring cup and know exactly how much your pets require for the day.


Choose an Age appropriate diet

It is best to stay away from pet foods that say “for all life stages” as these are essentially puppy food.  Dogs and cats each have different nutritional requirements at their different life stages, so it is important to feed a diet that reflects which stage they are at.


Try a new activity with your pet

Get your cat into an exercise routine, start up a dog walk group with some friends.  Try something new! Both you and your pets will have a great time.


Practice good oral hygiene for your pet

Many veterinarian diets or approved dental treats can be helpful in keeping your pet’s teeth clean.  Ask us about what is available for your furry friend.


Teaching never ends

Mental stimulation helps keep your brain active, and the same goes for your pets.  Get your cats into laser tag play, or get puzzle feeders or balls that dispense food and can keep your pet’s mind engaged.  Try a new game with your pet.  You will both have a great time and you can dispel the old adage of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.





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